We are one of the leading center that provide services for solving your computer security and networking problems in Malaysia. As many of you may know that viruses are created almost daily ready to attack any computer that is not well protected. You may ask, how these computer bugs attack my computer? There are many ways of doing it, for instance,

  • Your computer is not protected by firewall to block inbound connections which end up that your IP being scanned by the attackers.
  • You are not caution enough when installing certain freeware that is bundled with spyware, trojan, virus, etc.
  • Your computer is not protected from infection when browsing certain websites loaded with tons of computer bugs. (ie. Porn site)
  • Installing illegal software that may be modified to include computer bugs.
  • Your computer is not well protected with antivirus and the definition is not updated frequently to detect and clean new computer bugs.
  • and many many more.

What would happen if your computer is infected with computer bugs? It may cost you a lot of money and waste a lot of time. For instance,

  • Viruses such as “Dialler” will disconnect you from local ISP and reconnect to international line. You will end up with extremely high telephone bills.
  • Your computer will be slowed down like a “snail”. Most computer bugs will run in the background and take up 100% of your CPU resources.
  • You may not be able to browse certain websites (particularly security websites). This is because the bugs have modify your host file to restrict browsing these websites.
  • You may encounter many “pop-ups” while browsing.
  • Your confidential data or file in your computer may be accessible by outside world.
  • Slowed down your connection speed even you are using broadband.
  • Sending emails with viruses to your friends and customers without your permission. This will annoy your friends and customers which they may be thinking that you are the one who spam their mailbox.
  • and many many more.

If you do not want the above happen to you, then call us now to setup a full security system that prevent all these nasty bugs from infecting your computer. Prevention is better that Cure.

If your computer is already infected with computer bugs, we are also be able to clean them without formatting your hard disk. Your data is much important than anything else.