Security System Setup

We will help you to setup a security system that protect your computer while you are online. The setup be customized based on your needs. The areas that we are focusing are :

  1. Restricting all harmful websites in your browser.
  2. Protecting the BHO to prevent from hijacking and infection.
  3. Disable all harmful services found in windows.
  4. Setting up a “pop-up” blocker to prevent from infection when there are harmful pop-ups while browsing internet. **
  5. Setting spam filtering for your email account to avoid spamming and emails that contain virus. **
  6. Setting up a firewall to block inbound connection. **
  7. Setting up antivirus to protect your computer from infection in real time and also to scan all incoming and outgoing emails. **

Pricing ##
Home : RM 80.00 per unit (Service 1 to 4 only)

Company : RM 120.00 for 3 units (Service 1 to 4 only)


  1. Additional computer and service from No. 5 to 7 will be charged at RM20.00 per unit / service.

Please submit your Enquiry and we will provide you with a detail quotation