Virus Cleaning

We will clean every single computer bug (virus, spyware, trojan, etc) out from your computer without formatting your hard disk. Most computer technician will recommend you to reformat your hard disk and reinstall all the programs but this way will make you lost all the data you gave created for years, program setting, important emails, list of favourite websites, etc. At such, we can assure you that we will not wipe out the whole hard disk but only eliminate the computer bugs.

How we clean the computer bugs without reformatting the hard disk? … you may ask,

  • We will analyze your computer to determine how the bugs attack your computer (through process, BHO, inbound / outbound connection, trojan planting, etc).
  • Once we know there are bugs existed in your computer, we will then clean them one by one through registry, msconfig, services, host, etc.

The method we use may sound easy but the works may take hours to carry out depending on the type of bugs your computer is infected.

Pricing ##
Home : RM 80.00 per unit

Company : RM 120.00 for 3 units


  1. Additional computer will be charged at RM20.00 per unit.

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