Web Design

Ever hope to have a website of your own on the internet? With a website, you can share any information, photos, files, etc with friends and customers. The main problem that most people who has the interest in creating a website facing is that “How to create website?, Where to host a website?”. Creating a website is not an easy task where you have to put in a lot of effort in planning, studying and understanding how website works. So, we are here to help. Just let us know how would you want the website to be, with what kind of topic and how many pages you need and we will design one and host it up into a server for you to make your dreams come through. The area we cover includes,

  • Webpage design (we will send you some samples to choose from). The webpage comes with contact form and feedback form.
  • Hosting the completed website to a server.
  • Other request by you.

Other Features

  • A Polling System
  • Spam Protected Enquiry and Contact Forms
  • Visitor Counter
  • News Section (You can update the News Section by Email)
  • Ajax Image Popup with special effect
  • Comment System
  • Search Engine Optimized to high ranking
  • Newsletter Subscription System
  • and many more….

Please check out some of our projects

Pricing ##
RM 120.00 to RM 220.00 per page (For Webpages)

RM 800.00 for Forum (One time fee)

RM 1,200.00 for Blog (One time fee)


  1. The price stated above covers only for web design.
  2. For Hosting, please refer to our Web & Email Hosting Section

Please submit your Enquiry and we will provide you with a detail quotation